The Safety & Security of Our Nation

As a legislative aide to a senior member of Congress, I led an international delegation to the Republic of Turkey and saw firsthand the implications of this Administration’s failed foreign policy. 

Today, it’s undeniable that there’s instability in the world with threats to our nation’s security both at home and abroad. With the crisis in Syria, the rise of radical Islamic groups across the Middle East, this Administration’s unwillingness to stand up to Russia and their promotion of an incredibly flawed and negligent nuclear deal with Iran, we have left our nation’s security and allies vulnerable including one of our most trusted partners in Israel.

In order to keep our nation secure, radical Islamic terrorism must be defeated. From the tragedies that have occurred in Paris to right down the street in San Bernardino, ISIS is not just a threat to the Middle East. This is a threat to western culture that we cannot tolerate.

The Obama Administration’s irresponsible and negligent nuclear deal with Iran is a direct threat to the United States and will create further volatility in an already unstable region. Despite the terms of the nuclear agreement, the Ayatollah continues to make clear his intentions to develop a nuclear weapon. As your congressman, I will not support any agreement that further aids the largest state sponsor of terrorism.

It is crucial that we use a concerted approach to strengthen relationships with our allies, show leadership and stand up for America’s interests in order to ensure safety for our families and future generations.