Fiscal Responsibility: Holding Government Accountable

Congress cannot continue to spend more than it takes in. If we stay on the current path of irresponsible spending, our country won’t be able to afford the promises it has made in the past and it won’t be able to pay for the investments needed for the future.

The current budget system is broken, and contributes to partisanship and gridlock in Washington. There has never been a year under the current system in which both the presidential and congressional budgets were submitted and appropriated on time. Before we address any line item in the budget we need to improve the system to avoid wasteful spending. 

Not only do we have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, but our personal tax code is so complicated that the average person often needs to hire an accountant to navigate it.  We need an income tax system that works for the middle class, and a corporate tax system that incentivizes corporations to stay in the U.S., pay competitive taxes domestically and not outsource their jobs and profits from which other countries benefit.

Any time there is a budget crisis, Washington politicians move to raise taxes and take more money out of your paycheck. The United States does not have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem. It is crucial that we reduce wasteful government spending and Congress must be required to balance the budget.  If Congress continues kicking the can down the road on tough budget issues, my own and future generations will be stuck with the bill.