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 – Born and raised on the Central Coast
 – Vice President of local small business
 – Third generation California cattle rancher

Meet Justin

Fareed Calling for Reform

Santa Barbara native Justin Fareed hopes to fix what he calls a broken system in 2016, when voters of the 24th Congressional District have the opportunity to send him to Washington, D.C.

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#TeamFareed spreading our message all across the Central Coast! Join the team here: https://t.co/qWdZpGAMlK https://t.co/HkVdUtyvLc
I will combat the issues facing our nation through 21st century solutions & next generation leadership in Congress. https://t.co/1gzaQNDGkV
Had a great weekend in Santa Maria, Los Osos & Santa Ynez. Thank you for your support! #CA24 https://t.co/HkKYfdoL6M
We need a long range strategy in the Middle East that restores stability & stops terrorist groups like ISIS in their tracks.#CA24
Raising the min. wage nationally undermines the diversity of our country & hurts those who need help the most. #CA24 #KEYTDebate